Business Structure Design – Breaking down the ‘Wall of Clichés’ in a Will

Most of us agree that companies should be structured in a proper manner. The question is how can a business be structured which does not bend the rules?

That is usually a complicated problem, as there are multiple factors to consider.

One obvious problem is creating a structured plan whereby money is to be diverted. That could be made simple if there was an internal disciplinary structure. Generally, that is hard if you own shares in the company, and alternative means of financing must be considered. I intend to discuss those soon. Most importantly, the risks are too extreme and will do significant damage to the company’s financial and managerial interests.

I believe the final place to be felt for breaking the chain of vague, disconnected structures are your family and friends. You are going to be proposing how a business is structured to clients. Heck, even your friends will be required to say a few statements in favor of structure with you. And this odd problem may be exacerbated when you have restructured while your infant is nursing.

A simple person will probably assume that a structured plan must be, at least temporary,and that you are to reconcile finances locally and ideally on a monthly basis. However, that is not the case for those who are deeply involved on a regular basis by way of service where the immediate prospect of financial problems are going to take priority.

Basically, this is a good time for those who are financially comfortable to incorporate some structure you believe will help to maintain control over significant losses over time. This is not merely a temporary solution, and you must be prepared to walk that bridge when the time comes.–